Andrei Shkel
Submission-to-ePublication = 4.8 weeks, median
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Submission-to-ePublication = 4.8 weeks, median
November 6, 2023

IEEE Sensors Letters is an electronic journal dedicated to publishing short manuscripts, quickly, on the latest and most significant developments in the field of sensors.  The quick turnaround is motivated by a desire to perform a vital function: efficient publication of papers that require urgent dissemination. The scope of the journal includes all aspects of sensors and sensing technology including the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing, signal processing, interface circuits and applications of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical and biological phenomena.

Even though the Journal is very multidisciplinary with interests in a broad range of topics related to sensors technology, there are topics that are outside the scope of the journal. To help authors, below we compiled a list of topics that are typically considered outside the scope:

  • Applications of sensors without clearly stated innovations in sensor components or in sensor systems;
  • The main intellectual contribution is not in the field of sensing, but rather is in other fields such as: communications, antennas, networks, computations, information theory, data science, algorithms.
  • Results that are not supported by experimental validation. Though, in some rare cases, there might be exceptions depending on the intellectual content and relevance.
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